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Tom Frost
Hunky Tom Frost has the cutest smile, the most incredible body and an ass on him that anyone would not only love to have; but, would love to plow. After the interview Tom stands up and pulls his shirt over his head. It was here that really got my attention. This guy is built very nicely; but, not too overdone and you can tell he works out. Tom drops his jeans and we are faced with a thick, long piece of meat which already looks partially engorged. After a brief posing session Tom grabs his cock and starts working it, making it harder and harder. He takes some time to work that sweet asshole of his; tweaking his hole with his finger. I love it when a guy keeps a hardon, without touching his cock, while finger-fucking himself. Tom works it hard up until the end and when he explodes there is cum all over his rock hard stomach and chest. Too bad I was not there to lick it up.


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